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Friday, 17 June 2011 22:46

How to Optimize your  Online Marketing Spend in 2012

If you wish to optimize your online marketing spend for 2012- and avoid wasting money on phoney offers or overpriced services- please print this document off and read in full. Please also feel free to pass it on.
The Golden Rule: if you are spending money on any of the items below, without having covered off the ones numbered above- you are most likely wasting your money.
1) Build a website and have it hosted online (you have all obviously done this already)
2) Make sure you have a substantial amount of content on your site- all relevant to what you do and the services/ products you offer. There is a saying in the website world “Content is King”.
3) Make sure you have given your website designer a list of keywords (“meta tags”)relevant to your business and that these keywords have been added to your site. A list of keywords for each page- relevant to that page is also a good idea.
4) Link up your website to all FREE online business directories (Examples are; Finda, Localist, NZS, Tuugo, Google Places etc....there are many). Include your business name, contact details, keywords and descriptions and of course your website link!
5) Keep the content on your website updated from time to time at least- special offers, new services, new projects etc- Google likes to see updated/ fresh content and this bumps you up each time.
These are without doubt the most important ways to maximize the value of your online spend. Most websites these days allow you to update your content yourselves and adding the meta tags/ keywords should be done as part of your fee when the website is built. Thus the most important steps in getting your website found are all FREE (or included in what you pay anyway).
Then (and only then) you can/ should look at further options to get an edge – the following all usually cost money to set up- but many you can try and do yourself also:
6) Landing Pages – Take the top keyword that you wish to compete for and register a variant of that keyword as a new domain name – then build and host a one page ‘landing page’ based around that domain name/ keyword. If for example your site is called www.aucklandplumber.co.nz Google will give this a very high ranking for any searches for Auckland + Plumber or Plumber + Auckland etc....All of the other optimization processes in this document can also be applied to that site/ page as well.  Our best performing website gets 12,000 visitors per month, 35% of which all comes from associated landing pages which link through to it.
7) Google Adwords- this is the pay per click option with Google which will place your ad on the front page/ top of Google immediately and usually results in inquiries and sales almost immediately. Note: Do not sign up for any ‘black box’ type offers from people who call you- if they are not telling you EXACTLY how much of your money they actually spend on clicks, they are probably ripping you off. You can set up your own Adwords account online, or we can do it for existing clients also. You choose your budget. We actually think Adwords will be a necessary tool for 2012. It can be used for specific regions and areas as well as specific products or your business in general- and makes the phone ring!
8) Facebook Fan Pages – every time someone ‘likes’ your Facebook Fan Page, everyone on their friend network sees your details. This ‘social networking’ ability of Facebook is renowned and is proving more and more successful for the right type of businesses. Facebook fan pages contain all your business details and news and are a great way to keep clients updated - we can even set up a live feed of all fan page updates direct to your website, which is great for Google.  We can set up Facebook fan pages for you or you can do them yourself online- they are also a valuable link to your business website. You can also choose a customized Facebook URL which is also great for Google results eg) www.facebook.com/aucklandmechanic etc.
9) One Day Sale websites – we have seen some client’s traffic go through the roof when they offer a great deal on one of those One Day Sale type websites. You need to contact them direct with your offer and they decide if they wish to promote it- then take a cut of the revenue/sales. Success in being listed for a day depends on the deal you are offering and when they last pushed a similar type of product. For a list/ links to those sites, please visit www.onedaysales.net.nz (We do not offer this service direct as yet).
10) Youtube – although Youtube is only just starting to find its feet in New Zealand (as our third World Telco’s discover high speed internet and decent sized data packages) – it does already provide a huge amount of traffic and value in terms of link ranking for Google. Having a video of your business or services on Youtube (in the International internet arena) with a good description and of course your business website link will substantially boost your ranking on Google.
11) Twitter – can be good for some businesses but still a little bit early in this market. Maybe revisit later in 2012. Will keep you updated! Some businesses are seeing benefits from having a Twitter feed or account on their website – feel free to call us if you think you maybe one of them.
12) All Other “Crap” – in here we put all paid listings for online directory websites such as Yellow, Finda, Gopher, Localist etc. We are constantly monitoring the visitor numbers for over 165 clients and we can tell you that the fees all of these guys charge for a “premium listing” (or whatever they call it) is a waste of money!  You could do all of the above options to perfection with the same type of budget and the results would be astounding. If there were one online directory type site that we would recommend trying it would be Trade Me Services section which is quite cheap for a 3 month listing and does actually seem to provide a high level of traffic. We have a few good reports from clients paying for ‘premium’ type listings on any of the above website directories, but again that money could be put to much better use on the options above- especially Google Adwords.
Note: the above is not a sales pitch- it is simply the best advice we can offer. If your website is doing well, there is a greater chance you will stick with us for years to come – this is our primary objective. It would however be a little foolish to not include our rates for these services (most of which you can do yourself for free however - if you so choose).
Please see wirelessmedia website for pricing info with help for any of these services
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