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James & Wells Intellectual Property is New Zealand’s leading intellectual property law firm, three time winner of IP Law Award at the New Zealand Law Awards, and authors the preeminent text Intellectual Property Law In New Zealand. Composed of top IP lawyers and patent attorneys, the firm specialises in all matters of nz trade mark, patent, design and copyright law and is internationally recognized as leading intellectual property strategy advisers.


The JAWS team focuses on registered forms of intellectual property, as well as unregistered rights, including copyright, trade secrets, fair trading issues, passing off, as well as domain names. James & Wells has four offices across New Zealand; one in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch. No matter if you are an individual or large corporate organisation James & Wells puts full focus into every case and every client. James & Wells works hard to make sure their patent attorneys and lawyers stay at the forefront of local and international changes, by researching and publishing updates to the online version of their text James & Wells Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand on a quarterly basis and through attendance at international IP conferences.

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Intellectual property is usually the most valuable property any business will own. IP includes any new product, innovation, process, knowhow or brand you come up with and James & Wells is here to help you secure, enforce and commercialise them.

Visit their website today to get information about their NZ Patent Attorney, NZ Fair Trade Laws and NZ Copyright Law

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