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Welcome to Decramastic Roofing Auckland. We specialise in repairing & replacing Decramastic Roofs and metal tile roofing.

Decramastic Roof Resurfacing are stone chip bonded with a metal surface. It is also known as other names like decrabond, pressed metal tiles, stone chip roofs

Cleaning & Restoring your Decramastic roof.

Decramastic roof sheets can be repaired in sections, new fixing nails can be used and areas that are causing any leaks or other issues can be sealed. The roof can be water blasted  and then painted using roofing membrane to seal it and provide more life.

Repairing the roof is the next phase in restoring

Decramastic roofs. This stage entails removal of loose or dented tiles, re-nailing loose tiles, repairing flashings and then treating the metal surface to prevent rust. As a way to prevent further chipping,  we apply a colored coat to your decramastic roof. To make sure that the stone chips permanently bond with the metal surface, two coats will be applied  to your roof. This also ensures the prevention of moss build-up and additional protection from the elements.

The Best Solution for Decramastic Roofing

Cooper Roofing  recommends that you replace decramastic roofing with a metal  tile roof. When we deal with decramastic roofing solutions, we make sure our clients are aware that this will be the most cost effective solution in the long run.

We can replace your Decramastic Roof with Colorbond roof sheets. This options guarantees a life span of up to 30 years with the Colorbond warranty. This is a long term fix and ensures that your home will be watertight and structural for many years to come .

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