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Ponsonby Road, Auckland, 1010
Are you sick of going out to spend your hard earned money and ending up being treated poorly by immature bar managers, bar tenders and security staff? We all know Auckland is only a blip on the face of the planet in terms of International Cities- but don't we seem to have an abnormal share of rude, under educated hospitality staff? In a 'big' City- you can almost be guaranteed to get a smile and a thank you at a bar- here you tend to get a life story and a quick rundown on most forms of mental illness. Is it something in the "water" (or other beverages) that helps these retards to thrive in our culture? Or is it symptomatic of a more serious social ill- such as lack of good parenting or opportunity in life? What is it that seems to attract all these half wit individuals with serious emotional issues to a profession which requires hard work and professionalism and yet pays only minimum wage? Should we as a Nation try to encourage and help these people- or just try to avoid them and seek out better bars and restaurants to spend our time and money at? It is not the role or intention of this website to make that decision- but simply to provide you a place where you can double check if the place you are heading out to might be run by over grown children with "issues" about themselves, their girlfriends, you, or whatever! After all, we just want to be a served and that is what hospo staff are there for right? We are not interested in their personal problems or issues- can we just have a beer please! Please feel free to submit your 'horrific' experience with an A.D.D, narcissistic bar manager or staff etc so that we may all vote with out wallets and perhaps encourage emotional development amongst this underclass of disturbed 'service' providers. Longroom Bar Ponsonby- "Poor Little Ritchie" To launch NZ's newest hospo review website- here is an almost unbelievable story to get us started..... Banned from Longroom Ponsonby because the manager's girlfriend cheated on him with a guy I knew and 'may have' introduced her to! No formal response to my formal complaint. No investigation. Just banned for life verbally by a seemingly jealous bar manager! Children running our bars!
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