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Critical Business Insurance - AIA Group

AIA Group is working since 1981 in New Zealand and since then they have provided many businesses and individuals’ innovative insurance products. With over 90 years of experience in global market, AIA understands how devastating it can be if a huge risk is not covered and risk turns out to be a big loss.

Even though they are based in Auckland and have regional representation in Christchurch, wellington and Hamilton, they reach in every corner of the country through their Insurance Adviser network.

Whatever your risk is, whatever your need is, AIA will give you the best risk management strategy and best insurance product that will suit your need.

Their offer their service to individuals as well as businesses. Their services include:

Permanent Disability Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Mortgage Insurance
Corporate solutions for businesses
Farmers Insurance
Income Protection Insurance
Established Business Insurance
Critical Business Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

…and many other services that you would be delighted to receive.

They walk you through the whole process of getting insured and how to claim for insurance. For people of New Zealand, they have a toll free number (0800 800 242) in operation that can be dialled by anyone who is looking for some information on insurance in New Zealand, for free.

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