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Do you need a limited licence? Contact Steve Cullen, traffic law and limited licence expert. Auckland based, but providing limited licence services Nationwide.

Temporary, work and limited licences made easy.

If you have been disqualified or suspended from driving, you may qualify for a temporary or limited licence for work or other necessary purposes. Steve can advise you on the application process, what parts of limited licence laws will apply to you and the best approach to applying for your temporary, work or limited licence. We can also advise on how to get your licence back in full once your disqualification or suspension has ended.

Essentially, if your disqualification or suspension will cause you extreme hardship, or another person undue hardship, you might qualify for a limited licence.

Steve can assist you in applying to the court to obtain your limited drivers licence – he will help you get the appropriate documents ready and present them to the court on your behalf.

Applications are considered by the courts on a case-by-case basis, using the criteria in sections 103 to 105 of the Land Transport Act 1998.

If your application is successful and the court order is granted you will then be able to obtain a limited licence (with court specified restrictions) from the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). This must be done before you drive again.



Once your limited licence application is accepted by the courts, you can apply at any NZTA driver licensing agent, including the Automobile Association (AA), Vehicle Testing NZ and Vehicle Inspection NZ.

A DL15 application form will need to be completed and the limited licence application fee of $39.30 paid, along with suitable I.D and proof of address. This application form provides all the info you need for applying for your limited licence.

The agent cannot issue your temporary licence themselves – the NZTA must first assess the application before issuing the limited licence.  The agent will therefore pass on your application to the NZTA who will assess your application within 4 days of it being received.

Some examples of when the NZTA may decline your limited licence application:

If your licence was revoked on important medical grounds

If your licence was revoked for 28 days for access breath alcohol.

If you are indefinitely suspended for repeat access alcohol and or drug offenses.

If you licence was suspended for driving the wrong type of vehicle.

The NZTA may also delay your application for a limited licence for certain reasons. Steve can advise you on all of these.

Limited Licence Application Granted:

When your limited licence application is granted, the NZTA will issue you a temporary limited licence for you to use while your limited licence is being produced and sent to you. When driving, you must then hold both your limited licence and your court order at all times.

Any breech of the conditions of your limited licence will result in the immediate revocation of your limited licence and you will no longer legally be able to drive.


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