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An alarm is a major deterrent to burglars.

With glass in your windows, tiles or tin on the roof, wood or aluminum around the windows and doors - you can’t stop people from breaking in to your home. So what you need to do is to deter them, make your house less attractive to burglars than other houses.

Having good locks and lighting, trimming trees or shrubbery that can hide a burglars activities, keeping sheds and under the house locked, securing ladders and working in with your neighbours all help and are part of deterring break ins, The main deterrent is an alarm system with an outside siren with a sticker on it and matching stickers on windows around your house. This gives the house a secure look about it. Even more important if you have already been robbed. Who ever broke in last time should be aware that something has changed and it won’t be quite so easy next time. Should the burglars ignore these warnings, then the alarm needs to make a lot of noise  as soon as possible to let them know that they are in the wrong place and that they should leave.




This is for a hardwired Bosch alarm system.

Bosch is a globally respected brand with a commitment to product development and innovation.

This unit consists of a main control panel, keypad, 7 amp hour back up battery, inside siren, outside siren, 2 passive infra-red sensors, warning stickers, installed and  Warranted parts and labour for two years.

Hardwired alarms are typically used in a single storied house where there is a ceiling space through which we  can run the wires. If there is no ceiling  cavity or cupboards we can use to hide the wiring, we can install a wireless alarm,  or  wireless sensors will need to be used. Hardwired is better and cheaper and  where we can we like to run wires

The sensors can be exchanged for  Crow brand sensors, which have the  ability to ignore one cat.   More than one cat and you will need to  upgrade to a specialized pet friendly sensor

Check out our additional Items and Services page as these alarms are extremely  versatile and lots of things can be added to your alarm to make it suit your premises.


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