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PO Box 26487, Auckland
0800 36 95 35
Alternate Phone Number
027 4749 630
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Doyle Group is primarily a design and build company that simply focuses on creating outstanding Homes, with un compromised quality.

We take existing homes and re-create them completely or build new from the start. We also work with customers that already have plans for renovations and new homes and want Doyle Group to complete the build. We have built over the years great relationships with Architects, Designers, Engineers and suppliers resulting in a Cooperative proven track record that is offered to all our potential clients.

Award Winning Builders

DG  Is an Award Winning Registered Master Builder we have achieved many awards for Homes entered in the National House of the Year competition, some of which are featured in the Gallery.

Market Experience -Tested

The Company has designed, renovated and built new  homes itself for the speculative  market. This has allowed us to test our own design and quality build principals in the market place, our experience and cooperative knowledge is to your advantage. The speculative market has also given DG true appreciation of what you will require from the Company with your project, not only from design, construction, quality, communication, but more so the importance of timing and cashflow aspects of the job.

Enjoy the building process

We strive to deliver real service  throughout the project with an emphasis in making the whole project an enjoyable experience............”

Turn Key- we do the lot!

Doyle Group  offers a complete service, a ‘turn key-package”..... is what we focus on delivering ......The building process is streamlined whereby you simply deal day to day with DG , rather than a list of suppliers and sub trades.

Builders of Quality Assured

Be assured we deliver quality, the building team encompasses qualified builders and tradesmen that understand there is no compromise on this aspect of our jobs, even our three building apprentices are inducted to this mentality from their first day starting with the Company.

A growing business......build right the first time!

The Companies attention to quality and excellent trade practices  has created a customer base which now  is engaging us to put  right many homes that have been unable to obtain final building consent (code of compliance) and we find today this aspect of our service  is growing rapidly.

Lance Doyle






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