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Work Wise Group New Zealand - “Helping you achieve a better work/life balance”. Organisational, Team and Individual Efficiency. Planning, Priority and Time. Management Coaching.  E mail, Calendar and Task Management

WorkWise is a practical programme that produces measurable results for individuals and for organisations.

Participants are provided with practical tools to increase their focus on achieving their results.  This enables them to align their energy and effort to the organisation’s strategic direction.

Organisationally  then, WorkWise is a powerful vehicle to turn the corporate vision into action. It is also a powerful change management tool and team building process.

At a personal level, participants are able to implement a system that increases their productivity, reduces stress and improves results.

WorkWise is a modular programme. For greatest results, the training is delivered over a 4-7 week period.  We adopt an appropriate mix of teaching and coaching to suit the individuals and groups we are working with.

In general, participants spend 40% of the time allocated in a training room and 60% at their desks applying the principles with the aid of the Workwise facilitator. It is the time spent in the application, over an extended period of time, and the individual coaching at participant’s desks that enables Workwise to produce the greatest results – facilitating behaviour change and maximising training outcomes.

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